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Everyday Mindfulness

You don’t always have to get into a quiet room to meditate or pray to fight stress. You can do little things throughout your day to be mindful and focus. When someone at the store stops their cart in the middle of the aisle, and you can’t get by, what are you going to do? Take some time to think about how to react or to not react. When you are in traffic, and people cut you off, just take notice of your hands on the steering wheel. Are you gripping tightly? Is your jaw tense? You are likely unable to avoid life’s “stuff,” but sometimes fighting stress requires us to become softer more often. I know we can’t help it sometimes. I fail daily at this. But I start to think, maybe these folks are just as stressed as I am, walking mindlessly, forgetting that they belong to the human race. I would venture to guess I am sometimes the person in the aisle, blocking everybody else, not realizing it.

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